Saturday, May 7, 2016

On Nature

I love the peace of God's country in the early morning hours. To watch the sun come up over the mountains as the sky slowly and gently lightens and the birds begin to call the world awake.

Occasionally I see the two does go up the hill across the way. The rabbits come hopping, looking for grass and other edibles, including my flowers.

The squirrels are always here early for breakfast and the wee chipmunks come out from beneath the porch and from their woodpile homes running up the hill and around the yard, looking for seed and playing chase.

The quiet is serene and I am at peace. The quail come in pairs looking for seeds that have dropped from the feeders above, not in the large groups that came before.

My backyard appears to be a crossing zone to where they reside. I know see red-breasted birds in the area as well as the many other varieties I have already identified. There is one red-capped bird that is quite striking, yet to be identified.

The stray gray and black cat has been hanging around in hopes of catching a meal from the wildlife in my yard. The birds and squirrels sound a warning whenever he appears and all take shelter until he leaves to look elsewhere.

The spring young are becoming noticeable, a fawn, baby rabbits, wee squirrels, but as yet I have not seen any young quail following their parents crossing the road.

The wildlife seem to interact well with each other and even socialize. The gray squirrel runs up to the quail as it crosses the road as if to say good morning.  The chipmunks and birds may climb into the water pan at the same time.

The chipmunks frolic up the hill while the birds are there looking for bugs and worms and the rabbit hops along among them. The one they all see to avoid, besides the cat and hawks, is the blue jay, who is a predator and at times seems to have a nasty disposition. My kitties like to take their place in the windows to watch the events of the outside world. Nature, balance, peace.