Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A fulfilling day

The sounds of nature this morning was joyous, it was like a chorus of one thousand singers in complete harmony with a full blown orchestra in accompaniment. Almost as if a riot of color in song. What a glorious day they were saying and I agreed.

There has been much activity at the bird feeders. It is funny to watch the small wren chase away the larger finch, and of course, the blue jays try to dominate everything.

The squirrels were playing a game of chase clear across the year, up the side of the neighbors house, and onto the roof. Of course, I realize it is not for fun but a declaration of territory. I refilled all the feeders, including the new one, with a variety of flavors and put the new bird feeder in the back yards and stayed to watch the investigation.

First the blue jay tried to stand on the side with little luck as this one is built for smaller birds, then the finch tried feeding and finally a gray squirrel was going from branch to branch, from tree to tree, in an attempt to get it for himself, unsuccessfully.

He finally left to steal the seed from the tree feeder he usually robs. I am grateful to be getting a few that are squirrel resistant or the poor birds would be going without. I'm excited to be going off the mountain again today of a road trip into town. It makes returning to my sanctuary all the more meaningful and me more appreciative.