Thursday, April 16, 2015

In contact with God

Always God! I ask you for the words to say to help enlighten me, to show me the many reasons to be grateful each day. To teach me how to pray, not just by saying prayers by rote but really talking to you and feeling a deep communication in my heart.

So that you touch my spirit and expand it. That you send the Holy Spirit and the angels to guide me, and that you have strengthened my faith. Now it is part of my everyday to be in contact with you. Not just in the morning but all through my day and in everything I do.

I have learned to recognize the blessings in all things and to look for them instead of seeing things in a negative light. I realize that you are the guiding light in my life. I have given over my will to you, Dear God, and have experienced a life of radical change.

It now consists of an awareness and a seeking of peace. Of a greater capacity of love and acceptance for myself as well as others. A realization that only God is perfect and to be more forgiving. I have learned to speak of you freely and openly and to be more encouraging to everyone.

To give all that I can in gratitude and encourage others to look for the positive in life instead of concentrating on the negative. To give thanks and to realize that the positive attracts more positives in our lives and to release the negatives instead of clinging to them.

It is the biggest life changing thing we can do, to have a gratitude attitude. I realize that I am very, very blessed and so many wonderful changes have come into my life that I would have never have imagined me accomplishing before.

Thank you God for teaching me to see things in a new and glorious light which allows these changes to take place by allowing you to work your will and thus be blessed with all your work to give all of us in your unconditional love.

All we need do is seek and we will find, ask and i will be give to us. To allow you to work the miracles that only you are capable of and to have faith in you.