Thursday, April 23, 2015

God is my teacher

Oh God, I am overwhelmed with how much you love me and how much you have blessed me. You have answered so many prayers for me and have changed my life and it is wondrous. It is as if I was blind and now I see, and feel, and am conscious to everything.

I live in peace and joy. When we put our trust in God and His will, our life not only our outlook changes, everything changes. It is if we awaken to a whole new world. I do not walk alone for I am now conscious that God walks with me.

When I ask for His help, He guides me. I have learned a deeper appreciation of life, a greater wonder, and a sense of freedom I had never known before. I realize it is possible for the whole world to feel this if only they knew that to release is to gain control.

Before, I worked, lived in debt, and fear, and felt both helpless and hopeless. I had neither joy in my life or in my work. I suffered from anxiety and sleepless nights. The only change I needed to make was to ask God to take charge of my life.

To ask for His guidance and to release me from the hell I had created for myself. In that moment my life changed. The Holy Spirit came within me and opened my eyes, released my fear, removed me from an unhappy work situation that was actually toxic.

I learned to rethink the way I see things and how I valued my own self. I am not defined by my work or a paycheck, or my family, or what car I drive. I am a spirit inhabiting this time and place who has come to learn and to contribute to the world and others. God is my teacher and in my new awareness I experience life in joy.