Saturday, April 25, 2015

Human too

I have no desires to see you
let me just uncover you
for I love you for who you are
not for something or someone I wish you to be....
I'm not anything but human too
not any interrelations of two people
should give one possession over the other
every two individuals are exactly that, individual
unique in their designs and needs
in friendship as in love
the two together give purpose to each other
to attain heights together one could not reach alone
there are no rules for friendship
it must be left to grow on its own
we cannot force either it or love
but I know in order to love someone
you must also be their friend
for the two walk hand in hand, as do joy and sorrow
I am so tiny in all this vastness
microscopic against the enormity
but lucky enough to be a part
of nature, to absorb and see its beauties
and to give love freely
my heart has found its own place of restfulness
in my mountain retreat
surrounded by wind swept trees
with the pounding of the sea nearby
a place we once shared happiness together
here my knowledge of you lives on and on
as it does in my heart
my love...
I didn't know
that love could be this all encompassing
I didn't know that love
could be my whole substance
my warmth on cool days,
my visions at nighttime,
my dreams,
my thoughts,
my joy
and my sorrow
I do not worry about whether or not
I will see many more tomorrows
I only know I am prepared to enjoy them, each one
only because of you
now that is no small thing
if you think you are nothing
then my love is nothing too
for I think you're beautiful
not because you're perfect
because you're you....