Thursday, April 23, 2015

Kathy's Poem

Oh but for death
that dividing, estranging angel
of darkness.
My world so small, dark in isolation
except for my dreams, these still
a link in the chain
My nighttime hope, here you still remain
Death leaves no dignity, we struggle in its call
when all else is still, the eyes alone alive
too weak to speak except with your eyes
Tubes in your heart, hands gnarled in pain
nothing of your old self, now linked with death
shall remain
They lowered your body in the waiting ground
newly dug, dark with moisture still
The eyes of those you loved, bowed down
or upturned to heaven in prayer
each word, each tear, each silent stare
joined in the dirt, the hole to fill
did I really see a spade
or hear the reaper's blade
crying my love, my heart
now in the grave
from the corner of my eye
they covered the mound with flowers
here on this hill, here you lie
you were so young, your dreams
were visions still
here they're buried too up on this hill
Oh but for death
that dividing, estranging angel
of darkness
My world so small, not yet isolated
in my dreams
another day, gone are our, the link
broken in the chain
look around the room, reminders still
linger and remain
not yet! in silence I yell inside
time was so brief
death snuck in
Oh that unwelcomed thief
he took the best there was
and left me alone
here with my grief