Tuesday, April 28, 2015

He gives me all

God provides. There's no shame to be totally reliant on him for all our needs, without expectations. As I empty myself of fear, of needing to do, of desires, of all stresses, He fills me with peace and contentment, a unity with the divine, and the universe.

He fills the void with a wondrous joining and release and stillness. He gives me all I need and I feel loved as I never experienced before. I am reborn to a new life. Wherever it leads it will never be the same.

There is nothing more important in my life than spiritual growth and becoming. To have the presence of the spirit within is being in the light, being encompassed by love. The peace in not just with me during meditation, but all of the time.

I now live at peace, and in greater consciousness. To be in contact with the divine is an ongoing communication of spirit. A self discovery of a more fulfilling way of living, of total acceptance, and overwhelming love.

It is living in truth and total trust. Living in the fullness of the moment without fear, knowing God is in charge and I am in His divine care. The future is full of possibilities just waiting to be received.