Sunday, April 12, 2015

Stand Back

God is not limited, His power is infinite. He can move mountains, and part seas, but what God gives that is the greatest gift is unconditional love, to each and every one of us. We have the power to change our life, just by giving it to God.

When we release it to Him and stand back, He starts working wonders that we never even dreamed possible. We also realize that God has faith in us to do what He gives us to do. He gives each of us gifts to use in this life, they may be artistic, scientific, social, or solitary.

No matter what He has given in way of talents, God wants us to use them in His service. When we are willing He will show us the way. We only need make our will His will to see great changes take place. Life then takes on a new order.

When He speaks we learn to listen and to have faith that He can make the impossible possible for "all things are possible through Him". He takes the struggle out of our life and makes the way smooth just as He calms a storm.

We then find ourselves at peace and in a state of grace. God can and will do this for all of us but we have to invite Him into our lives, for neither He nor the angels will interfere with our free will. God wants to bless us, to pour His abundance on us, to fill our hearts with joy and our life with love.

Trust in Him above all things and see the miraculous change in your life. For God indeed does work miracles. I was lost but now I'm found thanks to His amazing grace and to the day I put my life into His hands.

I found that God answers very quickly when we are willing to listen. He gives us opportunities that never even entered our mind. He lifts us up and opens our heart and gives us a capacity to do more and be more than we ever thought possible.

If you haven't invited God in as yet, just ask Him. Let go of trying to force things to your will and let His will guide you. Then stand back, miracles are coming!