Friday, April 10, 2015

Acknowledge God

Pay attention to the signs God sends you and the still small voice within which is the Holy Spirit, speaking and guiding. When you ask, God always answers. But you must remember to look and listen. To be aware.

Once we learn to include God in our life then we cannot go back and ignore Him as if He isn't there. God wants to be included in all that we do, not just when we feel frightened, or alone, have suffered a loss, or are in a panic.

God wants to share the joyful times as well, He wants to help us in the small things, in all things, and He can. We can share our thoughts with Him, our joys, our thanksgivings, and our gratitude, each and every day.

We don't need to wait for special occasions or special circumstances. Invite Him into your home. Ask God to be in your heart. Set a place for Him at your table. Create a sacred space in your home that is reserved for time with you and God.

When we realize that all things come from God then we learn to include God in all things. In our work, our play. In our relationships, our interactions, in choosing a home, in our finances, and our decisions.

We ask Him to be present in all that we do and our life becomes fuller, more conscious. God can help us conquer any fear, any difficulty. He can teach us how to better interact with others. To recognize sincerity when we see it and who is being false with us.

He makes us not ashamed to be spiritual and to seek greater knowledge. We find more reasons for celebration, to share, to give back to others because God gives so much to us. Life takes on a whole new meaning.

Everything is clearer, more colorful and fragrant. Sound is enhanced, as is touch. It is as if our senses are awakened after a long sleep. For we are born anew. We have become aware of the connection within that is a direct line to God. We acknowledge that we are part of all that is and that all we do does make a difference.