Thursday, April 30, 2015

Savor Life

The world is not meant to be observed or just lived, but felt in the heart, and breathed into the soul. It is God's gift to us on a daily basis to be embraced, not overlooked or accepted passively. Allow yourself the patience to not always be doing but to just be, for it is often in the silent pauses that God speaks and in the quiet we are able to listen.

To live in a state of worry accomplishes nothing but to live in a state of grace brings us peace. We never have too little to share, if it is but a smile. You never know what a difference it may make in the day or life of another.

Giving to others is not an obligation to be fulfilled but a return investment of the heart to be passed on in the endless chain of kindness. The treasures of my being are those who have touched my life and spirit along the way.

They may pass on from my presence but they have forever taken root in my soul. They may be a family member, a mentor, a friend, or a brief encounter, but they made a difference. We too should live in the awareness that our actions, interactions, beliefs, hopes, and joys may unwittingly and unknowingly be a life changing experience for another.

Live as if God is watching your every action, He is! Do not put off the opportunities God gives us to make a difference. We can teach more by example than words. Fear suppresses, love expands us. There is wisdom in the words "treat others as you would like to be treated".

If we practiced that in every encounter with every person who crossed our path in our journey in life we would live with no regrets whether they responded positively or not. Grant everyone the respect you desire for yourself.

Smile when you speak. Remember to express gratitude for all that is given, we all welcome appreciation, even for the little things. Take nothing for granted, it could be gone tomorrow. Take time to really listen without hurrying to inject your own circumstances, opinions, or comments.

Remember it's not always about you but it may be something you can learn from. Don't be in a hurry to move on to the next thing, but savior the gift of now. It's irreplaceable.