Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What I have learned

I am grateful for the kindness of others. When we look for good, we find it. What we give out to others is returned, and we are blessed. Our perception of the world is up to us. I perceive the world as the beautiful creation of God that it is.

Those that I meet along the way are basically loving and giving. People offer assistance unsolicited. There may be exceptions, but they are few. Let us learn to treat others as we would want to be treated.

Let us give openly as God teaches us, knowing that it is always returned ten-fold. What we give never depletes us but instead is returned to us. When we realize that God is the source of our abundance, we need have no fears.

He brings into our lives all good things. His love is unconditional and limitless. He has truly blessed me with many reasons for joy in my life. My four wonderful children, who are loving and giving. My grandchildren who are a bonus blessing!

God has given me an appreciation of life and of each day, to live in true consciousness, that I am aware of the leaves that fall, the smallest bird, the love of my cat family. To be blessed with loving friends and a joy of gardening.

To realize the fullness of my life and the grace God has given me. What wonders there are when we truly learn to see and are not blinded by our own doubts and worries but learn to release all things into God's hands know that, in His great love, He will always have our greatest good in mind.

I wish that I could help everyone learn to see what God Himself has taught me. To let go and let God and accept His blessings.