Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Insight and Time

Insight is something we as humans have to develop and we seem to do it better with age because we slow down and listen. Where in youth we constantly deal with hindsight, always thinking "if I had only known". But the real problem was we never stopped to think anything over, but rushed headlong into it.

When we get older we actually spend time reviewing our lives and although we may have some regrets for missed opportunities, we usually are grateful for our many blessings and realize we wouldn't be the person we are today without the experiences we lived.

So, it might all have been God's plan anyway. We also realize we still have the opportunity to accomplish much more in our lives and that we can still accomplish some of the things we were waiting to do and we can share some of our knowledge with the youth of the world for all we have accomplishments that took years of training to develop.