Monday, April 6, 2015


May we learn to be more mindful of each day and all the wonder and blessings it contains. May we learn to recognize the God-Self in the world around us. God speaks to us in many ways. May we be aware of his messages.

There is music of God and the angels appearing in songs every day, there is the internal voice of knowledge we receive when we become calm, that speaks to us. We have a sense of overwhelming love when we become quiet and open our heart.

God wants us to remind others of the possibilities open to them, especially the possibilities of love and joy available to us all. God is the highest form of pure love beyond any physical love we could ever experience.

Be open to receive His love for it is itself pure joy. Nature, God's gift to us, is a place for us to walk in the beauty of His creation, to feel the trees of life and experience the animals and birds in a myriad of variety.

Where you can hear the trees speak through the wind and the quiet and truly open your consciousness. Open spaces and forest areas are conductive to this. When something keeps cropping up in your mind, it is a message, follow the thought and act on it. Release into the retreat.