Monday, April 13, 2015

Learn to wait on God

You have to learn to wait on the Lord for God works in His time not ours. A waiting period is a healing period as well as a learning period. As we wait we learn to listen, for God speaks quietly within.

We learn to be in silence and just observe God's world around us. We can see His hand in all things. We observe the birds and the butterflies, the trees and the flowers, the mountains and the oceans, all maintained by God and all in His loving care.

God fills us with hope and love. We can learn to receive and to be open to God's gifts and to be grateful. To journal our progress is a wonderful why to chronicle our personal growth, to look back and see how far we have come.

God will always give us what we need when we need it. Waiting teaches us to let go, to put things in God's hands, trusting His greater wisdom and to release our resistance. This is faith. Impatience is a condition of the body, not of the spirit.

When we learn to be still is when we receive and realize we are sheltered in God's love. Waiting is a time of rest as well as a time of grace. To be still and know. And to allow His presence to grow within us.

It is a dark time of the soul coming into the light of God. It forever changes us and we become committed to a deeper spirituality. Waiting is a period of being perfected. It also prepares us to be ready, for when God calls us to move it will be at the blink of an eye to take up our burdens and follow where He leads.

The  years can be a fluctuation between waiting and following like the seasons coming and going or like the tide, rising and then ebbing. Know in waiting that God's time is the right time.