Monday, April 27, 2015

God Delivers

When we practice faith "God delivers". He brings miracles and meaning into our lives. God can make our own home a possibility or find a part for our car that saves us hundreds of dollars, and even have it delivered.

God has no limitations. He is not just the essence of hope but in making all possibilities a reality if they are for our own good. We can never ask too much of God for He is infinite, omnipotent, all powerful.

Why do we try to put restrictions on God? Ask and keep asking, God will attend to all of our needs including financial abundance. God desires for us to not only be happy but to be blessed. He can create a miracle at any time.

Seek His guidance and then listen. God will lead you to the right home, for the right price. Where to purchase a car that will fit your needs within your budget or provide the finance you need for the purchase.

It is we who limit ourselves with our own negative and limited thinking. In faith, all things are possible, through God. Start living in partnership with Him. Include Him in all that you do, in every decision that you make.

Ask His advice and know that He will answer, not as we demand but in ways we would not even imagine for ourselves in our limited thinking. Leave the door open for Him, without restrictions. You will be surprised with what He blesses you with.

When you think you can't, remember that God can. There is no more powerful force in the universe. God is not just into the business of miracles but into helping us with our day to day living.

When we ask Him to be part of it we experience peace where there once was chaos, faith where there was doubt, truth where there was misconception, love where once was a sense of unworthiness and even anger.

Life stops being a struggle and becomes a thing of beauty and appreciation. We realize the many reasons for gratitude instead of practicing negative thinking. God knows what we need before even we do. Desire, ask, believe, receive. Then leave it in God's hands.