Saturday, April 11, 2015

He dwells with me

We are never alone, the Lord our God is always with us. He will see us through every trial and celebrate with us every joy. We can ask anything of God for He listens to all requests as well as knows each thought we have.

God knows we need challenges to strengthen us but never gives us more than we can bear. When we dedicate our life to God and include Him in every aspect of it we find that all things run much smoother.

Who better can we seek counsel of than God? He knows all things, will never ridicule us for asking or feel anything is too small for His consideration. God will never give us false information or false hope.

He answers always in truth. We may not always get what we want but often we will get much more than we ask. God asks us in return to have faith and do for others even as He does for us. To let others know of His goodness and His love.

God appreciates our show of gratitude. No one, not even God likes to be taken for granted. It is good that we set aside time for Him each day and for us to remember He is wit us at all times. God loves us so much He has given each of us angels to watch over us.

They too will always be there when we call. They willingly share their knowledge with us in loving guidance. How can we ever feel alone when we are surrounded with such an abundance of unlimited love?

Through Him I can accomplish more than I can alone. God is the source of my inspiration, of my joy, of my ever deepening consciousness and my serenity. Whether I am in a crowded apartment complex in the city or at home in the mountains with my own place.

I invite God to reside with me, as well as the angels. To bless my place and help me create a holy space within. God brings peace to me wherever I live, even in turmoil. All I need do is ask. To know Him is to know love.