Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Child of wonder

Oh the wonder of discovery and life through the eyes of a child. Children have a natural wonder for all things. Life is an exploration of climbing trees, finding and chasing bugs, seeing magical shapes in the clouds.

Their excitement is almost contagious. They believe in fairy tales and magic and super heroes. They look up to us adults to take care of their problems, to soothe their hurts, and kiss their boo-boos. They can be enchanting and aggravating. Noisy and excitable.

They are God's wonders and a gift we are blessed with. It is not a responsibility to take lightly. We need to guide them on the right path, gently and firmly. To encourage their dreams and their hopes. To give them praise as well as discipline but mostly love.

Lots and lots of love. For we all feel secure when we know that we are loved. We need to teach them to play fair and to respect the rights of others. To be gentle, with each other, with their pets, and with themselves.

We need to teach them to always do their best and they will never need to be ashamed of their accomplishments. We need to remember that there is a small child within each of us and to love and shelter that child as well.

To encourage ourselves to express the joy and wonder we can all feel. To always be willing to discover new things and not be afraid to try a different way of doing things. That as long as we live we have potential to learn.

That it's okay to dance in the rain, to fly a kite, to laugh and play and not take life too seriously. Mostly to know that we too are loved. Just as we love and guide our children and grandchildren so too does God love and guide us.

Life is never static but always changing. Be willing to explore, to learn, to grow and to be constantly evolving. Teach your children how to pray, to believe in miracles and the God that creates them. To expect the unexpected and to be open to the impossible. Make the most of each day and love!