Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Reflections on Our Father

Lord help me to have patience. Let me remind myself that these wild unruly children are your children and that you love them. When I am feeling that they are trespassing upon me let it remind me to be forgiving, for as I forgive trespasses so too will I be forgiven.

Let me remember to put things into your hands and let your will and not mine be done. Let me trust you, Oh God, to be their teacher not me. I pray for the other children, as well, the ones they were calling names, just because they are different.

Let us not learn to see color, but spirit and brotherhood. Let me remember that you are everywhere, at all times on earth as thou art in heaven. Let me feel your presence and may all others feel your presence as well.

Teach us all to be respectful of others. To treat them as we ourselves would be treated. I am reminded that you Dear God provide all things in my life. My home, my pets, friends, and family. The food at my table, the abundance you have given me and the love.

The ability to share with others. My gifts and talents. Let me not feel tempted to feel superior to anyone in anyway. Let me always remember to be grateful each day for all the blessings I receive. Let me remember to call on you in my need instead of taking things into my own hands.

Keep me from any thoughts that are not worthy of you. When I think on the "our" father, help it to remind me that it includes everyone and is not restricted to a few. Help us all find our way back to you God.

Help us to teach our children and grandchildren of your love. Let us live by example and thus teach your word by how we consciously live our life. Remind me each day of your words and your great work, Oh Father.

Nothing is impossible through you. Remind me to thank you for the lessons as well as the blessings for they too lead to my spiritual growth. Teach me patience, Oh God. Not just with others but with myself as well. We are all but just works in progress. You are the master craftsman.