Wednesday, April 22, 2015

All God's Lessons

Lord, thank you for the things that strengthen my faith, that teach me more about the wondrous miracles that you perform, and how we can all ask to serve you and to help others through our prayers and our deeds.

When we dedicate time to you we are starting our day with blessings and allowing you to guide us in all that we do. Everyday we can see your miracles working in our lives as well as the lives of others. When we keep track of our prayer requests as well as your answers we become more aware of how active you are in our lives.

We learn that you do hear and you do answer. That  some answers are longer in coming than others, and that some answers are not just as we requested but that all are according to your will, and thus we learn to leave things in your hands and ask not that our will but your will be done, as it says in the "Our Father".

No prayer goes unanswered and we see your involvement and your love in all our our lives. We also begin to see that some people choose adversity and illness in their lives and define themselves not by who they are but in what is happening to them.

It is true that what we seek, we do find. We too cannot change people's wills through our prayers for it is a gift you gave to all of us. But we can pray for their enlightenment and they can learn to love themselves for the child of God that they are and allow you to heal their heart.

To not cling to illusions but to seek God's grace and unconditional love. To stop judging ourselves as well as others. To seek unity instead of division, peace instead of chaos. To count our many gifts of gratitude instead of our sorrows.

When we spend time serving you, Dear God, and helping others, we don't have time or reasons to feel sorry for ourselves. Our life in you is filled with joy, purpose, grace, gratitude, as well as giving. Thank you for the lessons I learn and your answers to my prayers.