Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Follow God's Teaching

Always do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Do not repay an unkindness with the same. Rather ask God for guidance, for forgiveness for those that hurt you, for patience and understanding, for perseverance that you can accomplish what needs to be accomplished.

Ask for help when you need help and if others do not respond ask God to provide the help you need. Remember to hold no grievance against anyone, for when we hold spiteful feelings within, it contaminates the vessel that contains it.

Give only love and love will be returned to you. We have no control over others, only ourselves, and it is our own behavior that we are responsible for. Always remember God's teachings and act accordingly.

Let His will and love become yours. God teaches us to seek peace not vengeance or retribution. He provides for us and will give us all the strength and help that we will need. Go in peace wherever life takes you and in whatever situations you encounter.

The more we love, the more love that is returned to us. Be in appreciation, each day, of all the blessings God provides for you. See the beauty around you, and always keep a positive attitude as well as one of gratitude.

Has God not brought you this far? Has He not only seen to your needs but known what they are before you even ask? Others may let you down but God never will. Always be as generous with others as God is with you.

Teach by your actions, for they say more than words ever will. Be an example through all that you do as with all that you say. Think before speaking. Do not hesitate to reach out to others, do not wait until they ask.

Be positive in your attitude. Take time to refresh yourself, to rest, to have an ongoing conversation with God. Ask His angels to provide strength and they will lift you up and help move you. Miracles happen every day so keep your eyes open and give thanks.