Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Be open

My faith is drowning out the sound of fear. Fear is not of God but of the darkness. God is faith and truth and light. God is pure love, and those that live in God's light need never fear. God provides for all our needs and once we release the fear we can see this more clearly.

He knows of our choice to be in God. To accept God into our lives. He knows what is in our heart, in our mind, and in our soul. He has watched our journey through life. Each path along the way He has traveled with us.

He is prayer. He is the light and the way. He is all life, all things. He is the all-that-I-am. He is within us and guides us if we let Him to become greater than we thought we could be. He is all possibility, all hope.

He is the candle in the window of darkness when we have lost our way. Only seek to find. Only knock to have the door opened. Value simplicity for He is in the simple blessings all around us. We needn't wait to seek Him in a high cathedral, only look around and you will find Him everywhere.

He is in the eyes of a child, the cry of a baby, the laughter that rings out, the song that makes your heart swell. In a family gathering, He is an honored guest. He is the grocer, the mailman, the mechanic, the neighbor, and His angels are everywhere.

Open your heart, for when you are open you can receive. Open your mind that you may better understand. Open your eyes to all creation, that you may see. Open your ears that you may hear the choir of angels and the voice of wisdom, and the words of God's love.