Tuesday, March 31, 2015

God was waiting

It is good sometimes to take pauses from the routine. To have visitors, to see new places. It is like a shot of adrenalin to the spirit. It opens our eyes to new realities and allows us to be in the moment absorbing the unfamiliar, creating memories to replay in quiet moments and releasing our day to day existence for a period of time.

It is as if we are temporarily reborn. This is how it is to turn our life over to God for He makes all things new and creates a greater consciousness so that each new day is a wonder and a revelation. When we ask for His guidance we are inviting Him to be with us each day in all things, in every thought and experience and to see all things wholly, in God's own truth, not int the illusions of our own fears.

Each day then becomes an enlightenment and a joy filled with wonderful surprises God sends. All things are constantly changing and we learn to welcome the change as we welcome the seasons God brings.

We see each day for the beauty it contains as we release any negativity that would spoil our vision into God's hands. We learn to change what we can, which is only ourselves. We have no control over others and we learn to accept that which we cannot change.

We learn to release the past for it is gone and cannot be altered. Today is the gift of the present we live fully, completely, and in gratitude and sharing. We know that God is always with us and we stop worrying, knowing He will guide us on the right path that will contribute to our continued spiritual growth.

Our days become ongoing quests of new attainment whether we are doing or just being. We create a sacred space we can turn to at any time and welcome the Holy Spirit into our life. There is no routine in God, everything is new.

Each day is a blessing in which we are continually surprised and filled with abundance. I am living a new reality God has given me. All I had to do was ask. God was waiting to show me a whole new way of living in Him.