Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Look for God to do

Do good whenever you can not for recognition's sake but for God's. We can be living examples of God's work on earth through small acts of kindness. It is not the one big thing in life that counts, for it may never come along, but the day to day acts of kindness and charity toward all.

A sympathetic ear when someone is down, a note when someone is far away, helping a coworker when they are behind in their work and we are not. Taking a meal to an elderly neighbor who isn't feeling well and lives alone.

To invite someone to a holiday dinner who is away from home with no family near. To put money in a parking meter that's about to expire. Even children can bring a little extra in their lunch when another child is going hungry.

What may seem as a small deed to us can make a big difference in the life of another. It may not just make their day but change the way they view life itself. When we live in awareness of others we can recognize opportunities to be of assistance, to help, to teach, to reach out in friendship.

To do anonymous acts of kindness without seeking reward or acknowledgement are special gifts to God known only to Him and yourself. With no obligation or expectation of repayment or reward. Whatever we do, if we do it in God's name, will always be done for the right purpose and with and open and loving heart.

Acts of love and kindness not only benefit others but ourselves for it helps us grow in spirit. It teaches us a greater sense of brotherhood and expands our ability to see others in God's light. When we are more compassionate we are less judgmental.

When we are more giving we are less self-serving. When we look for the good in all things we stop concentrating on the bad. When we look toward the light we see less darkness. When we reach out in friendship we do not remain strangers.

When we do good works we are serving God. What we help others we are aiding His children. When we smile we light up someone's day.