Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Today is a miracle

Each day is a small miracle when we are in awareness. There is a miracle in the wind and in a bird's flight. In a flower blooming and the leaves falling to earth. Each season's change is a miracle of nature that God set into cycle.

Each morning the sun rises and each evening it sets while its counterpart the moon creeps slowly up the sky. Rain and snow are miracles that seemingly like magic, come down from the clouds in the heavens above.

It nourishes the earth and when the snow melts from the mountains it replenishes our water supply. The sea and its constant motion is a miracle crashing against rocks and licking at the shore. Providing for the life beneath its surface. Leaving deposits of shells and seaweed upon the sands. Each shell a miracle of life itself that houses some small creature to be shed and replaced as it grows.

The forests are a miracle and a haven for animals of wide and varied differences but they all call it home. From the large bear that hibernates during winter to the deer that roam, the rabbits that come out at night to feed, and the owls to hunt.

Colors are miracles that God imagined and then created. The ever changing blues of the water and sky. The browns of bark and earth. The green of leaves and foliage. The many colors of flowers in bloom. The pristine white of snow and the waves that break. The glorious reds, oranges, and purples of the sunset.

The miracle of a rainbow in all its primary colors and us too created in a variety of hues. Each one a miracle brought to life by God. How can we not stop to admire the wonder of it all? To hear, to see, to feel, to smell, and to sing of God's beautiful miracles here on earth.

A gift to each one of us that cost nothing but the time to truly see, to acknowledge and be grateful. God has made of my life a constant miracle. The wind kisses me as I sit bundled against the winter chill, dry leaves beneath me waiting to be swept up. I take a deep breath and give thanks.