Monday, March 23, 2015

God sends miracles

I believe in miracles because I believe in God. Miracles are God's way of reminding us that anything is possible through Him. He only asks us to have faith. To put our trust in Him, to love one another and to believe.

God knows what we need and will provide it, including the strength to go on through any hard times. Life is like the sun sometimes it is not visible behind the clouds but we know it will always shine through again.

Faith is like that. Disappointments and hardships are like clouds in that they are only temporary. Sometimes they bring rain or storms with them but they always pass and the sun brightens the days ahead. Trails but strengthen our faith when we truly believe.

God is all powerful and the source of endless hope. He answers our prayers always knowing what is in our best interest for He knows our path and our destiny. The Holy Spirit is that small inner voice speaking to us if we only take the time to listen.

It is okay to ask God anything. He is always ready to hear what we have to say 24 hours a day. It is never too late or too early to call upon Him. He is never too tired or too busy, and the source from which all miracles come.

Why do we so often struggle on  our own when we have a loving Father always willing to help? To believe we are alone in the world is an illusion. He sends angels to walk with us and to watch over us, and guide us. They too are on call all day, every day.

God feeds and clothes even the tiniest of the birds in the air and they sing His praises. When we have faith and put our life in God's hands He provides for all our needs too, in abundance. Prayer is not the only form of communication with God for He knows what is in our thoughts and our heart.

We can freely talk to Him as we would to our closet friend. To pour out our heart. Ask and you shall receive, all that you need and more. God's love is the greatest love of all, unconditional, endless, and filled with His blessings.