Thursday, March 26, 2015

It is our choice

God gave us all free will, so if others do not choose to love, to share, to be part of things, they are making this choice of their own free will. God has given us the power to choose what we will experience, it is not inflicted on us.

We can choose to love and be loving. We can choose to be in fear and to feel victimized. We can choose light and laughter or to be in the darkness and to exclude others from our lives. It is all a matter of choice and free will, nothing more.

Through our choices come our experiences which influence our view on life. Some say life is joyless because they have refused to experience the opportunities of joy. Our lives may become limited by our own choices or full of possibilities.

One person feels they can't do a thing that another person feels they can. It is all in our own perspective. It is, as they say, seeing the cup half full or half empty. If we choose to change our perspective we can change our life.

God, in His pure love allows us to create the lives and our experiences according to the choices we make and the belief of our own egos. We can invite Him into our lives, or not. We can release and forgive or harbor resentments and suffer the consequences. It is up to us.

We can ask God to walk each step of the way with us, or not. We can see life as a sacrifice or a blessing. God waits on our decisions and abides by them. Providing us opportunities but allowing us to choose whether to participate or withdraw.

When we turn to Him in joy, include Him is all things, embrace new experiences and see His hand working in our life, He fills it abundantly. We only need to as to receive. When we have decisions to make we can ask for His guidance and He will lead the way.

Life in God is filled with miracles and wonders, blessings and joy, peace and abundance. Our happiness is also the Father's and He would share it all with us as we are willing to share it with others.