Sunday, March 22, 2015

Life is exciting and new

God works in mysterious ways. He puts into our lives opportunities and people who often times will make a dramatic difference in our careers, our attitudes, and in our direction. Often times it is but a small thing, seemingly, that will change the whole course of our life.

A chance meeting, an injury, something we read or hear or see. An idea or dream that has laid dormant is brought to life again. In a matter of minutes our plans change and our life is redirected. Sometimes, out of the past, we are reconnected with someone we knew and a bond is formed.

Nothing is an accident. Life is full of mystery and unexpected events. It is a thing of wonder ever flowing like a river. Not following a straight path but full of angles and unplanned turns. We encounter ripples and eddies and sometimes tumble over great falls but it is constantly moving and often exciting.

Expect the unexpected. Be willing to learn new things, to see new places, to make new friends. Life is never stagnant but always moving forward. We are never too old for new challenges, new careers, new loves. Live in wonder and expectation and life will never disappoint you.