Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Abundance Unlimited

Joy is a state of mind not a result of any material possessions. First we must learn to ardently seek a closer relationship with God. Abundance is a result of acknowledging that God is not limited, that He can and will provide what we need in life.

God did not create us to be either poor in spirit or in life, but to seek Him first and then all good things will follow. If we believe that God will supply us with abundance it is so. If we doubt that it is so then He will know our doubts instead, for God gives to us according to our beliefs.

God truly wants us to have a spiritually abundant life and as the inner reflects in the exterior of our life it manifests material abundance as well. Life does not need to be a struggle, but it is if we make it so and we do according to our beliefs and our fears.

If we fear we cannot get ahead in our work, we will not succeed but if we do our work for the joy of creating in itself we cannot help but succeed. What is it we are trying truly to accomplish. Look to your interior motivation.

The material itself will not satisfy us but what is an accessory of the spiritual will bring us joy. When we learn to see the beauty in life itself and in each thing around us, living in total awareness, we realize we are abundantly blessed.

We become a part of the bird's song, the strength of the trees, the freedom of flight, the rustle of the wind, the butterfly, the leaf falling, the flower seeking sunlight, the vastness of the sky and the seas, the star millions of miles away.

We realize we are part of all things and that nothing is impossible. We are all one creation by one Higher Power, which is God. And as He cares for each insect, each tree, each bird and mustard seed, so too does He care for us. And as God supplies for the needs of all things so too does He fulfill our needs in abundance and love.