Sunday, March 15, 2015

God, I believe

Belief is the strongest prayer we can have. Belief in God and His all-powerlessness. Belief in His love and that He desires only good for us. Belief in our path and where He is leading us and that we can accomplish what God sets before us to do for all things are possible through God.

Believe that God will provide for your abundance and that you will never be in want but that you will always have enough to share with others. Belief that God will send you the teachers that you need both in your work and in your spiritual life.

Belief that God wants the best for you and will provide it. Belief that God can heal you of all things and release your fear that is blocking any healing, abundance, forgiveness, and attaining a new life according to His will.

Belief that God wants us to be happy and rejoices in our own joy. Belief that we too have the power to help others, if only through prayer. Belief that as night follows day, so too is there a new beginning for all of us.

Belief that we are worthy of God's love and as a loving father He loves us unconditionally. Belief that you can have shelter during the storms of life. Believe that sorrow and worry can be turned into gratitude for God will shower you with blessings when you are open to receive them.

Belief in yourself, for you are a child of God, created in His own image. Belief that you deserve to be working in an area that brings you joy and not stress, disharmony, and anxiety. Belief that you are worthy.

Belief that God will strengthen you to endure all things. Belief that peace is possible if we all believe in it and work and pray toward its accomplishments. Belief that when you treat others with kindness, it will be returned in like measure in your own life.

Belief that you are truly empowered through the power of prayer and that God hears every word we say, so tell Him how much you believe.