Thursday, March 19, 2015

No cure

Will I not see you again?
How do I mend this heart filled pain?
It always seemed right to have you here
now you only live within my dreams I fear
time and space and the heavens recede
and of all earth beauty I taken no heed
I am as a child in the universe
as each day without you becomes worse
and worse... Oh my heart must break in two
without there being a me and you
our love was such a rare and lovely thing
was it all over with the spring?
My soul is distraught without your love
until I think even the heaven above
will open up and cry for me... so futile
am I to sit for awhile
beside our sea... brings only a small
comfort to me. Oh God! Is this really all
our love will ever be? Infinite space
swallow me up... so not a trace
will remain to see... you closed the door
of your heart and left this poor
love lost soul.... a pitiful sight
silent... wilted... faded... cold in the night
my heart colder still.... that's the way I feel
all the memories of great happiness and
experiences count as nothing when they've turned to sand
these memories cannot cure... all the ills
my heart endures... and all the pills
I could take wouldn't fix a heart
once it did break and where apart.