Friday, March 6, 2015

Once More

You called.... again
as an echo resounding
somewhere in the past
my pulse racing....
if it wasn't love
why do we still cling
to bits and pieces
of each other
a reason to hear
the other's voice
somehow the whole thing
makes me very depressed
Oh God, it was good
to hear from you
it's foolish, to feel this way
when there's an ocean
of.... whatevers....
separating the two of us
I know "you think"
it wasn't love...
at least on your part
but then why can't
we let go... completely,
I know it's not ego!
I keep thinking
someday... somewhere
we'll meet again
to find love once more
who else could I love
when I still belong only to you?
It's a kind of madness
love is somehow
an insanity of sorts
maybe I could
consult a psychiatrist
"Doctor I have this
.... ah, er..... problem
you see I'm in love"
and hours after
your phone call
my heart is still pounding
pulses racing
I could dance
on the ceiling
more or less.... feeling