Sunday, March 1, 2015

Energy of thoughts

Each day is filled with blessings we only need to choose to recognize them, acknowledge them, and be grateful for them. For it is what we see, give importance to, and give thanks for that we bring into our life. Our thoughts themselves are an energy and act as a magnetic field drawing to us that which we think of.

If we think upon our reasons to be grateful we will draw to ourselves more reasons to be grateful. If we are thankful for our abundance, no matter how small, we bring into our life a manifestation of abundance in all things.

If we put an importance on friendship we will always have friends. Our thoughts become our reality. What we believe truly is what we receive. However if we are always thinking of our lack, bad luck, loneliness, we will continue to have those misfortunes brought into our lives for we are drawing them to us.

Our outlook on our lives makes a world of difference. It is a declaration to the universe of our expectations whether we know it or not. God only gives to us that which we ask for. We send the messages out and receive back an answer.

If we only believe in material things we may have our lives filled with them but we will not be happy. But if our outlook is toward a full rich life of blessings we may have both. To live in appreciation, consciousness, and gratitude is living fully and experiencing more because we become part of everything around us and alive to each moment.

Things cannot replace that, money cannot buy it, but how we think and live our life can bring them to us. I live in a constant state of thankfulness and I never want, my spirit is filled. I have wonderful friends and a loving family, but most of all my life is harmonious and I am happy and aware of all the blessings God puts in my life. Yes, I was blind, but now I see.