Saturday, March 14, 2015

I ask for your help

Help to get me going God that I may complete what I started, and thank you for the knowledge that I have already attained. Help to inspire me God, and carry me forward into the future.

Help me to gain confidence not only in myself but in the talents you have gifted me with that I may put them to good service doing work that will do honor to you and enhance the faith of those in need.

Let me help others to learn, that I may pass on the blessings you have give to me. Let me always do my work in joy. Help me to get up each day to face a purpose that serves you.

Help me to have patience with my mistakes and learn by them. Help me to be a better person Dear God. Let me encourage others to be the best that they can be.

Let me find time for you each day before I do anything else, even if you have to get me up early. Give me faith, Dear God, that I can make a difference.

Help me not to be in fear God but always remember that you will guide me when I ask, that you do answer our prayers, that we each have a purpose in life, and you are the source of our abundance.

To always believe in your power and your love. To be an example to others that they may believe that they too may achieve and that you make it all possible.