Friday, March 20, 2015

A loving world

Let us pray for peace in the world and a time of greater acceptance and love for one another. A time of tolerance and seeing the beauty in our differences, and that there is a place for each of us and that side by side we can create a more loving world.

May we learn to release our fears and seek greater faith. Let all men work together to salvage the damage done to our planet and find ways to build a new and better world based in harmony with all men, all countries, all nationalities, all religions, all colors, and be as one in the realization that we are all God's children and He loves us equally.

Let us put away warfare and work toward peace. Let us share our abundance and eliminate hunger. Let us respect the right of each child to have the best possible education and medical care. Let peace start with the children that they may learn to see the value in each other and end the intolerance and violence so prevalent today.

May we learn the true meaning of equality. May each of us take the responsibility of doing our part and not wait for others to make the first step. Change begins at home with each one of us, in our own hearts and we are responsible for making the change ourselves. No one can do it for us.

Let this day be a first step toward a new reality. If we each one step forward in peace and lay aside our fears global healing can begin. We can make this a better world one step at a time.

May there be a chain of prayers for peace today circling the globe. May the energy of thoughts of peace reach into the spirit of all men that they may seek it in their lives. May Mary our mother and symbol of peace teach us to have greater love and the peace of the Lord be with us all.