Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Grace is a gift

Through mercy comes grace and through gratitude we learn grace. Grace is a gift of God. To receive grace we only need to change our perception from one of lack to one of abundance. When we look at all the blessings we receive from God we can learn to appreciate life itself, and each day when it arrives.

To see all the wonder it contains and to give thanks at the closing of each day. We realize each breeze as a caress from God. The sky and the unlimited vista of the ocean as His infinity. Friends, family, acquaintances, are our brotherhood as is each stranger we meet along the way.

We learn to bless the giving as well as the receiving. The sun is the warmth of God's love. A feather reminds us that the angels always are near us, watching over us, protecting us and guiding us. The sound of a creek or the crash of the waves can be as a symphony.

The flowers in radiant color are God's joy. The birds sing a chorus to our spirit as the sand reminds us how God carries us through the hard times and of the freedom He has granted us. The sunrise reminds us to the gift of a new day and God's glory, as the sunset reminds us to be grateful for all we have received.

A tree rising powerfully to the heavens reminds us of God's strength and the shelter He offers us. The animals remind us of God's love for all things, great and small. Receiving mail reminds us that we are remembered, no matter the contents, and to honor our debts, and to trespass against no one.

The rain drops are kisses from heaven that God sends in His great love as well as His tears when we rise up in anger against another, threat others with hatred or prejudice and do not recognize them as the children of God that we all are.

Grace is a gift to be receive in our consciousness, our gratitude, in our service and unselfishness. Grace is a gift of love. To look at life through God's vision is to accept His perception of love and grace.