Thursday, March 19, 2015

God is the way

It wasn't until I let go of everything that I learned how well God supplies. I no longer cling to false securities and illusions. Instead of living in fear God has taught me what a beautiful path faith can be.

I feel that there is a purpose on this new path and I feel revitalized. I no longer try to control my life but put it in God's hands knowing that He will reveal what is necessary along the way.

I no longer feel bitter about the events that brought me to the place I am at but at peace. I do not try to see the future or worry how I can implement what I learn.

I know that too is in God's hands. I have learned not to project where my continued abundance will come from for God is full of surprises and has supplied from sources I never imagined.

What we need He provides including love, encouragement, serenity, hope, new livelihood, and a chance to serve. All we need do is have faith.

I have learned the importance of gratitude and to make God a priority in my life. To me each day begins and ends with Him. Nothing and no one is more important and I wouldn't have it any other way.

God has taught me that synchronicity is more than a word. I look for His messages everywhere and I thank Him daily for the new life I am living.