Saturday, March 28, 2015

Enjoy the gift of today

Today is a gift from God. It is filled with light and beauty and wonderful colors. Be aware of every movement of air, every nuance of light and shadow. See the variety of multiple colors and shades. Take time to pause and be aware of life and yourself.

Hear the airplane as it moves through the sky and the sound of unseen trucks and cars as they drive on the freeway out of sight. See the dashes of clouds in the sky as if written in a row, and the leaves as they fall to the ground.

Life itself is variety. No two people's lives are exactly alike, not even twins. Everyone has their own experiences, thoughts, emotions. Just as each leaf is unique, so are we, and God treasures us all. Thoughts come to us as well as ideas when we take time to listen, to be still.

While we are living our life, others are living theirs, perhaps hundreds of miles away, totally unconscious of each other. Yet God knows when each of us breathes, what we think, when we pray. He knows what worries us and what brings us joy.

He experiences our lives even as we do. God is part of each of us and we are connected through Him as part of a greater whole. Each of us makes a difference that we exist and the world would not be the same without us.

As it takes millions of drops of water to make an ocean so too it takes millions of us to create a universe, each doing their part. God brings new people into our lives all the time but on earth we will never encounter the whole. That can happen only in the beyond.

Sometimes we meet another and feel an instant closeness as if we have met before, and quite possibly we have, in another time and place. We are here to learn, to experience, and to grow but we are never alone.

We only need to look around to realize how vast all creation is and we are touching but a small part of it. Take time to notice all life from the smallest ant to the grandest tree, everything is God's creation.