Saturday, March 21, 2015

God fills our needs

Things work out if we leave them in God's hands. Trust Him. Have faith. God can see the bigger picture that we cannot. Ask for His guidance and it will be receive. Open up your arms, your thoughts, and your spirit and God will fill them with an abundance beyond your expectations.

God loves to give to His children and He is please when we share the gifts He bestows with others. Especially when we teach of His love to others and reach out in His name with love. The universe is a place to experience and grow but never forget you are part of all-that-is and your true home is with Him.

It is here we can experience human love, compassion, giving, and sharing. To strive to be the best that we can be. To be forgiving even of ourselves. To forgo judgement. To see others as the children of God that they are, no matter what their circumstance is, to follow the lessons of Jesus that God sent before us to teach us the way.

Look for the lessons in life and remember we are here to learn and to grow. Don't bypass opportunities but embrace them. Live joyfully. Laugh often. Be an example of a loving spirit. Believe in God's goodness and learn to love yourself for God certainly does.

Realize you are worth of the love and blessings God wants to put into your life. He did not send you here to be abused or neglected. God loves you just as you are. He made no accidents in creating you, the who, where, and why you were born is known to Him and all the potential you have to make a difference by being here.

Life is to be treasured as the gift that it is. Watch for the synchronicity that appears. The more we are aware, the more it comes to us bring messages to guide us along life's path. Learn to listen and to ask. Be open to what is revealed.

Miracles work in many ways, some big and some small. Faith brings them more frequently. When we make God a part of our everyday, and an important part of our life, it takes on new meaning.