Thursday, March 31, 2016


The soul always seeks the light, always. It is the part of us that grants us enlightenment. The purpose of light is to grow through our fears. It is God's gift. It opens a door into fresh air, and sunlight, where fear cannot follow.

When we shed our fears life becomes more vibrant and alive. Colors are brighter, the air is sweeter, and our senses are more attuned to our blessings. Our soul self yearns for the light and for love. Peace can become our natural state when we relese fear. Then we are truly free.

We limit ourselves with fear. In light our consciousness expands, and we bask in greater awareness. In the light we can heal ourselves of the wounds we have created with our fear. We truly are safe and loved.

The willingness to turn fully into the light is the ability to touch with love all things and all who we encounter. It is a release of expectation and the freedom of acceptance. It is a conscouness of a deeper oneness with all creation.

Stop fearing your imperfections and forgive them for you are only human, and in foregiveness is release, and peace, and the capacity to grow to your fullest possibilities. Fear is needless for it changes nothing and accomplishes nothing.

It only blocks the voice of God for we are too busy listening to our fears. We create life anew each day, and we can choose to create it free of fear. We choose what we believe. It in the light of truth, of love, of divine order.

There is only one reality, but we can choose how to view it. Don't let fear limit your life. Stretch beyond these beliefs and you find freedom, and light, and your God self within.