Thursday, March 10, 2016

Wet snow and rain

The winds howled through the night and the snow kept falling as well as building up to ever greater heights. Then the rains and wet snow came creating a heavy mush which is hard to move in.

I cleared the decks only so I could put out the food for the squirrels who come despite the incliment weather. The are more punctual than the post office. The quail come in droves running down the hill as if a pot of gold were waiting at the bottom.

Everything today has been seen as though through a layer of gauze as the moisture in the air is so thick. It's a good day just to stay indoors and relax.

The air is crisp when I step out for a break from sitting and I add another layer of clothing to ward off the chill. Today is a good day to concentrate on my correspondence with friends.

There is a treasured feeling to the written word, a cheerful card arriving in the mail that an email cannot substitute for, although they too serve their purpose.

I believe we put more thought into a written greeting than an electronic one. I have letters from my childhood and they can recreate memories of times gone past, resurrect a loved one as I trace an old signature and lovingly written words.

Sometimes I come across a pressed flower inserted within, still recognizable as a pansy or a rose. I will try to make my words today meaningful to those who receive them and seal them with blessings and send them on wings of angels so that they too will know they are loved.

The winds come up in the evening, just as I'm finishing up with my letters, in a new frenzy of cut through to the core cold. Big white billowy clouds gather beyond the mountains and the haze is not quite so dense. Now, at last, I can see the houses behind me and the smoke rising from their chimneys, and count my blessings for such a wonderful day of wet snow and rain.