Sunday, March 20, 2016

Life is a promise

We are not our experiences, but what we choose to become through our experiences, for they are only circumstances of life. It is not who we are. Trust in the peace of the soul's growth, and not in the stress and fear of the mind.

Life is but a promise of all the blessings to come when we are open to them. Let your heart be free and open the door and it will take wing and soar. There are so many possibilities to choose from when we let go of fear.

Do not worry over the past or fret about the future, but be fully aware in the now. Design your life by believing in God's promises and see all the potential for joy and abundance by facing your fears and releasing them.

Love life. Mistakes are only stepping stones to inner-growth, and transformation. The moment we release fear we enter the light where love lives. We are all worthy of love.

The world is abundant with giving, be open to receive. There are no limitations to God's blessings. Walk with an open heart and a sense of gratitude and you will find yourself receiving in abundance for God loves to give.

Be still and be aware that way you will not miss opportunities when the come knocking. Quiet your mind through meditation so you can hear and receive. Recognize the spirit within that is part of the oneness of the universe.

Quiet the mind to hear the Divine. This is part of the growth process to a new life. The energy of the spirit within us is activated through our stillness, our letting go.

Let go of fear, expectations, doubt, guilt, and all negativity to let in the light of hope, love, peace, abundance, and endless possibilities. Life is full of promise.