Monday, March 21, 2016

God is in charge

God is the only power that is in control in life. God is within us and within all things for everything is His creation. If we are aware of the Divine nature within us we live more fully. There is a Divine order to life, even if we do not recognize it at the moment.

Each stage of our life is where we are meant to be in the Divine unfolding of life. Our experiences are to help develop our awareness, to bring it to fulfillment. When we live in awareness, we live in harmony with Divine law and are blessed with its rewards of peace, joy, abundance, love, and gratitude.

Let your life be a reflection of God's love. Choose to live in awareness of Divine purpose. Everything you need will be supplied. It is difficult to be centered each moment, but when you become aware you are not, be still, and listen.

In the stillness, you will find your spirit and Divine truth again. When we live with the Divine as a partner in our everyday life, we learn to live in truth. When we live in truth we live in trust and faith for God is our sustenance in all things and provides for our needs.

For He is all powerful and through Him all good things come. Trust God to handle all situations and outcomes for He touches the Divine spirit within. Invoke the Divine in all your decisions, in all circumstances and you will be rewarded with the best outcome with Divine wisdom and Divine love.

God manifests in many ways and through many people. Quiet the chatter of the mind and listen for the guidance of the Divine. God is always a positive outcome.