Thursday, March 24, 2016

Honor your spirit

We honor the divine spirit in ourselves by reaching out to the universal divine, which is God, in times of need through prayer. Instead of a negative reaction, seek in prayer an interaction that will bring you peace and well-being.

For the Divine has the power to heal any situation and transform it into a positive experience. God can transform fear into faith, anger into peace, and chaos into love. And we have the power to choose to turn to God for a solution.

He is the passageway of the heart that leads us to greater consciousness in all choices. He helps us to live in truth. Life is but an experience and it is influenced by our mental perception. What we believe is what we receive.

But we have the power to change our minds and thus our experiences, to move them out of the negative and into the positive. To remember that we are co-creators of our own destiny. We can choose to walk in the light of faith or the darkness of fear by simply releasing the fear.

When we surrender fear we find the presence of love and a world of possibilities. Love empowers us to live fully in each moment, and to enjoy the wonders around us. Love is a choice that heals. Wisdom is not a result of aging, it comes from right living, learning, experience, and knowledge.

Study and spiritual homework are tools of gaining wisdom through knowledge, of openning your heart to Divine truths. It is a path to greater remembering of our true selves. It is an acknowledgement of the spirit within that came to grow through this life's experience and this journey.

Make it in love and joy. Relish your life and give it greater meaning through conscious awareness. Be a full participant in all that you do. Surround yourself with love and light and beingness. Embrace your existence in divine joy. Welcome to the world.