Thursday, March 17, 2016


We are in the process of living, which is not a stagnant state, but a period of growth and exploration. We can move through it knowingly, in full awareness, or we can hibernate and wait for events to move us along until it ends.

A willingness to seek is the joy of all journeys, the fulfillment of finding. Honor life with your beingness for therein lies peace. Go within and you will discover tranquility, it is part of your awareness.

Surrender to your being, and be at peace. Be peace. Breathe peace. It is wherever you seek it, and without seeking, for it comes from within. It is tranquility in action, and we all have the capacity to create it in our own lives.

We can claim it right now, at this moment, it is our choice. Within peace lies true love, without compromise. Love of self and all that exists around us, for we are at one with it.

There is no past or future, just the now in tranquility, and oneness. Share in the wonder of it, leave anticipation and stress, and find rest, in the knowing of all life.

In the moment, in the now, there are no restrictions or limitations. All is possible. Fear and pain cannot exist within a tranquil state. Here exists bliss, inner prayer, and knowledge.

Here your spirit can communicate with you, within this process of being, and you will know what it is speaking within you and you will remember.

Within tranquility is color and light and absolute stillness as well as perfect love. Surrender to the being of love and your heart opens to receive.

An open heart is a doorway for blessings to enter and a connection to the oneness of all existence. Breathe and release. Be in the light, the warmth, the peace of true tranquility.