Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Be yourself, your true self, and let the Holy Spirit guide you. It is up to us, individually, to do our own inner work and seek the truth. To find that we are on the path already, and it is here.

It is beneficial to spend time in silence for then we are prepared to listen and to acknowledge the spirit, meditation is a wonderful tool to inner silence, to serenity.

Release any thoughts, especially of judgement, and seek inner oneness. Soothing music or chants sometimes help us in meditation, to calm and quiet ourselves.

Accept the silence and go within to inner peace. Do what works for your spirit to reach this serenity, there is no perfect practice that works for everyone.

The purpose is to set your spirit free, to lift yourself up beyond the daily human experiences so that you may achieve higher knowledge, and be at peace.

God promises we are never alone, but if we are too busy rushing through life sometimes we forget to listen and acknowledge Him.

For when we rush around constantly chasing unseen goals we are living in illusion. To pause in silence is to ground ourselves in truth, to remember our dreams and visions, and acknowledge our path.

In this way, we can expand and grow and we can honor the spirit within. We can then become more centered, more clear of vision, and more loving.

This helps us to live fully in joy and wonder with each new day a blessing. To live in truth is to renounce fear. Worry does not speed us on your path, it is only extra baggage. In silence, let go and let God.