Monday, March 28, 2016

You touched my life

Because we are all composites
of experiences, mistakes
accidental happenings
we live not just one life
but many....
as we keep evolving
and developing into.... something
someone new
sometimes things we love
and touch....
things that have touched us
must move on
and it's just wonderful
otherwise can you imagine
all the people you had ever met
and who had influenced you
in some small way
were around you....
how smothered you would be
I've been very, very blessed
to live the life I have lived
and still to feel as I feel....
that my life is just beginning
for I learned long ago
to count lifetimes in days,
and each new day
is a new beginning
to look at each new day
you see
as the first and the last....
as if blindness
were to arrive with the sunset
is to extract the fullest gratifications
from the moment
and to live in wonder
that one such as I
have been given the privilege
of seeing such majestic beauty
if we look for the gift
in each moment
and all we meet
and allow it to touch the soul of us
to become a part of us,
some minute quantity....
that is a composite of what we are
because you have touched me
in some small way
you too are now within
part of what makes me.... me
there's not one thing in my life
I would undo, not one
because look at who I am
I am so grateful
to be who I am....
so uniquely me,
to have laughed a lot
because I enjoy life,
to have been greatly loved
and to have loved greatly,
to have cared deeply,
to have cried....
I hope that I too
have influenced others
to have touched some chord
respondent in them
to have made someone laugh
when they were down,
to have given love
when someone was empty,
to have been a friend....
and thus to forever be a part
of what and who they are...
for then even when my life ends
what I am will go on and on
a sort of immortality
of being....