Friday, March 11, 2016

Everything is temporary

Love who you are, no matter what you experiences for you are God's child and are a creation of love. Accept your life for the experience it is, both good and bad.

No storm lasts forever, and the sun eventually shines, the rain stops, the snow melts, and the roads are clear again. We have the power to choose consciously, to live fully, to love greatly, and to be fully aware in the moment.

Acceptance is merely to recognize events as they happen and to recognize that all will be well. Everything in life is temporary. Don't let fear or anger rule your life.

Don't be attached to outcomes for what you cling to may not be for the highest good and even greater rewards might be possible. Be open to receive without restrictions.

New wisdom is granted when you are open to growth and change. A new way of intuiting life's experiences that sees the truth in them instead of the fear. A greater trust and faith evolves through your interior work.

It is seeing life in a whole new way and making a conscious choice to expand in awareness and to honor the divine spirit within us, trusting that our needs will be provided. This is strength of spirit.

It is allowing of ourselves to acknowledge the needs and concern of others, thus respecting and honoring them. Be patient with yourself in your spiritual growth. The world was not made in a day, even by God, but took time.

It is a slow evolution. Have faith that you will make the right choices, for God grants us wisdom when we seek it. We will be provided with everything we need to accomplish our purpose, including time.

Time is a great gift that we should not take for granted. There is a purpose for everything under the sun and the right time to do it.