Wednesday, March 16, 2016


We all have "dreams" which in actuality we are referring to desires, aspirations, thoughts, pictorial representations of feelings, expressions of what brings us joy.

We rarely remember our true dreams or the source of them. Dreams are a form of guidance, of inner needs, of a recognition of truth of spirit speaking to us. They are spiritual messages with great imagery.

They are a correspondence with our spirit selves. They are a delight spoken lovingly in thought and joy to the heart. Surrender to your dreams and look for the truth in the message they send.

Are they indications of a need or desire to change direction, of relocation, of emotional or spiritual need? Are they a seeking of peace that you are not living?

Maybe the are omens of a new journey. Be open to receive what spirit is speaking. Seek a spiritual consciousness of knowing an underlying realization in your dreams.

Dreams can be a door to our inner feelings we deny in the daylight. They can help us resolve an issue. Pay particular attention to reoccurring dreams.

Trust that they have a message, surrender the active mind, release all expectations of what it should be and in the proper time you will receive the knowledge within.

Write down your dreams, journal your thoughts and feelings. Go with the flow, don't force it. The Angels speak to us in many ways, and in dreams particularly.

Have no judgement, or fear. Trust that all will be revealed to you. When we understand our dreams, we then act accordingly. Dreams can enhance our lives when we willingly listen.