Saturday, March 26, 2016

Inner Peace

Seek what makes you happy, what brings you inner peace, and the joy of living. Only when you have these can you experience contentment and a sense of true success. Money alone cannot buy it, nor fame.

It is something that comes from within. An acceptance and love of self and those around you. An appreciation of the beauty of God's creations. A sense of harmony with your spirit and your environment.

Be authentic. God created you as a unique being. No one else in the world can be you, has your experiences, aspirations, gifts. They were given to you alone, use them well. Only you can fulfill your destiny, your purpose, your journey.

Take time to go within, to the silence where the inner voice speaks. Take time to be quiet mentally, physically, and emotionally. For only in quiet can we receive direction. When we are in chaos God could be shouting and we couldn't hear Him.

The spirit is Divine, a part of all-that-is. Through spirit, when we silence the exterior chatter of the ego, we connect to the ultimate wisdom and receive the knowledge of all-that-is and a sense of serenity that reinforces the knowledge that we are on the true path of life.

For there is peace in right living, and a sense of inner healing. A oneness with the Universal Devine. God always fulfills what is for our highest good when we are open to receive, when we accept and believe.

God did not create us to be unworthy but entitled us to experience life in all its glory. In order to do this we must be aware, and willing, otherwise we miss the blessings when they arrive. The small miracles go unnoticed. Life is not a dress rehearsal, but is taking place now. Don't spend your time looking elsewhere.