Sunday, March 27, 2016

Open your heart

Thank you God for the gift of new life in my home. Four wee kittens were born to a very young cat, lost and abandoned. When we open our hearts those that are lost, they find comfort and welcome, a place to rest and be safe, to not be alone in their time of trouble.

We have the power to share our blessings, to not be blind to the lost and lonely. To give warmth and comfort and love. Isn't that what we would want for ourselves and our loved ones? That someone would reach out in love and share their abundance to comfort us and remind us that God loves us and we are never alone?

God puts into our path at times, someone or something that needs what we are able to give, to nurture, to mentor, to share, and to serve. There are blessings for all in the sharing, to those that give, and those that receive.

Sometimes we're on one end and sometimes the other. It is a gift of the spirit and of love. There is not limit to love, it does not deplete as we give, but grows and expands. We are all God's children and He created all things, even the wee kittens.

To honor their life is to honor your life and God, and the miracle of creation itself. It is a joy to watch the development of new life from helplessness to curiosity and learning. Taking new steps and finding self-confidence.

To becoming independent, and all the while having loving guidance through the trails and errors. We all need guidance at times, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. We all need to be wanted and needed and loved.

We all begin in helpless innocence. That is the way God created the world to be in His great wisdom. God also puts in our path what we need when we need it through His infinite wisdom and love. And so today I share my home with four wee kittens and their mother.